Ethernet Interface Extension E2DSL-01

Technical parameters


This extension is designed to connect the remote equipment to the BS4E-3-R ports of REG-F.

The extension is transparent for all kinds of traffic transmitted via Ethernet networks.

The extension can be used to connect the remote telemechanics controller to the regenerator module of Stream-2 via Ethernet, and data exchange between the remote station (RS TM) and the communication center;

  • to connect the object video surveillance system;
  • to connect a remote LAN to the Internet, etc.

Technical parameters


Number of input and output 10/100 Ethernet ports of the extension 2
Distance to connected equipment up to 10 km
Line interface Two SHDSL ports with the data rate of up to 2 Mbps
Cable Copper twisted pair (MKSB 1.2, ZKP 1.2, ZKP 0.9, etc.)
Power supply 
Local ~220V/24V
Remote “wire-to-wire” from another unit

Case dimensions, WxHxD 310x310x230 mm
Degree of protection IP-65



Shema primeneniy Ethernet